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Last Updated 4/15/2019

Welcome to AVLancer!

We are thrilled to have you as a partner and look forward to working together to take great care of our clients needs as well as our own.  We aim to live and work according to our mission statement and our core values, and we hope your mission and values align with ours.

Our Mission

Efficiently connecting high caliber Audio Visual freelancers with prospective clients via a streamlined and automated approach that provides clients with best value in the industry.

Our Core Values

AVLancer strives to offer the best work / life balance possible.  Balance is the key word here. We work to live rather than live to work.

Integrity, defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness” is the foundation of our core values.

We are dedicated to environmental stewardship protecting our planet. Our goal is to be paperless and powered completely by clean, renewable energy.

All businesses have an inherent responsibility to the communities they do business in. AVLancer will help build great communities through volunteer efforts and philanthropy.


Generally, roles offered to our clients include the following definitions.  We are happy to provide more detailed definitions on request.

General AV

  • SH (Stagehand)
  • GAV (General AV)
  • BO (Breakout Tech)
  • LEAD (Crew Lead)


  • A1 (Ballroom or Concert Audio Tech and Design)
  • A2 (Audio Assist – Setup, WL Mics, Multi Source / Destination Tech for Smaller Rooms)
  • A3 (Audio Utility – Audio Specific Set and Strike)
  • AR (Audio Recordist)


  • AdvCO (Advanced Camera Op.  Sport Lens Cameras, Roaming Cameras, Robocams)
  • CO (Camera Op.  Assemble / Strike Camera, White Balance and Calibrate, Op Smoothly.)

Information Technology

  • Ntwkg (Network Tech)
  • WebConf (Web Conference Operation and Management)
  • WebStream (Web Streaming Tech for Live Streams)
  • ARS (Audio Response System Tech)


  • LD (Lighting Designer)
  • L1 (Lighting Operator / Lead)
  • L2 (Lighting Assist Tech)
  • L3 (Lighting Utility – Lighting Specific Set and Strike)


  • AdvPRJ (Advanced Projection Tech.  Blending, Advanced Geometry)
  • PRJ1 (Lead Projectionist)
  • PRJ2 (Assistant Projectionist)


  • AdvV1 (Advanced Video Tech.  Matrix switching, mapping, multi-source & destination – Spyder, Tricaster, etc…)
  • V1 (Video Tech / Lead)
  • V2 (Video Assist)
  • V3 (Video Utility – Video Specific Set and Strike)
  • VR (Video Recordist)
  • VM (Video Mapping)
  • GFX / PPT (Graphics / Powerpoint Operator)

Other Roles

  • PM (Project Manager)
  • TD (Technical Director)
  • SM (Stage Manager)
  • ASM (Assistant Stage Manager)

Dress Code

Dress Code / Uniform Policies in Corporate Audio Visual are usually pretty simple.  That said, there are some crucial tips to maintaining our presentation as professionals.

  • Clothing should be clean, neat, correctly fitting and unfaded.
  • Hair should be neat and presentable.  Tying back long hair is usually acceptable, even in most Business Dress circumstances. Facial Hair should be neatly maintained and groomed.
  • Piercings, tattoos, body modifications should be removed, covered or their presence at least minimized as much as possible to ensure a professional presentation.
  • We recommend minimizing loose fitting jewellery as it could endanger your safety should it get caught in a piece of equipment.
  • Hats and sunglasses should be removed unless working outdoors.
  • Personal hygiene is as important as dress.  Much of our work is physical, and off putting odors can have an even greater impact on a client than appearance.

When we send you notification of an opportunity, we will include Dress Code information.  Failure to follow the requested Dress Code for an opportunity could result in poor client reviews or being asked not to return by a client.  This makes it increasingly difficult for us to book you in the future. Not adhering to dress client dress code requirements can result in immediate dismissal from event.

Show Blacks

(or “Crew Blacks”)

  • Black Polo or Button Down Shirt (no logos, unless it is client’s logo and requested or expected.  AVL Knight Logo polos are also considered acceptable.)
  • Black Slacks, Black Dickies or Nice Black Jeans
  • Black Socks
  • Comfortable Black Shoes (non-slip bottoms and steel toes recommended for safety, though not required.)
Business Casual
  • Clean Polo or Button Down Shirt (no logos, unless it is client’s logo and requested or expected.  AVL Knight Logo polos are also considered acceptable.)
  • Slacks or Dress Pants
  • Comfortable Dress Shoes (you will frequently be walking a lot for this Dress Code.)
Business Dress
  • Dress Shirt (with Tie if requested)
  • Dress Slacks or Pants
  • Belt
  • Polished Dress Shoes

Jobs and Rates

When AVLancer sends you job opportunities, we will usually send you as much information as we have to help you decide whether or not you’d like to accept the opportunity.  We may reach out to you by phone, email, text or all three.

A typical email or text may look like the following :

Rates may vary depending on the job, role, client, city, etc…  We try to include that information with the request when we send it to you.   

Half Day Rate – The client is expecting you to work up to a full 5 hours.  After 5 hours, you may go into a Full Day Rate, or bill at your standard hourly.

Full Day Rate – The client is expecting you to work up to a full 10 hours.  This usually includes some kind of lunch break, whether you walk away for a full hour (for a total 11 hour day) or if they provide you with a lunch for a shorter period but keep you on the clock.

Overtime – It’s fair to start charging time and a half (1.5x your hourly rate) for each hour over 10 working hours.  It is recommended you communicate with the client before going over on time so they can decide if they want to keep you past the expected Full Day Rate.

Double Time – Depending on the market and situation, we may also offer double time when shifts exceed certain lengths or times of day (overnights, for example.)  We will communicate this when we send you the request.

Being flexible and communicating with clients is a great way to ensure they ask for you back.  Always communicate and use your best business discretion to ensure future business while protecting yourself from being taken advantage of.  We work hard to keep clients and freelancers that are reasonable, flexible and fair.

Call Sheets

Once we’ve locked in an opportunity and booked all the positions, we will send you a Call Sheet.  

Call Sheets are your schedule for a particular job.  They may look different depending on the size of the job, but they all serve the same purpose.  Should you have any questions about your schedule or your Call Sheet, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Labor Coordinator and ask.

Below are some examples.

How To Invoice

After a show is complete, you will need to invoice us so that we can pay you.  

Independent Contractor Agreement and W-9

When you are onboarded, you should receive a link to fill out a W-9 form and e-Sign an Independent Contractor Agreement.  You should only need to do this once per year. Please be sure to complete these promptly so that we can process payment to you once you start invoicing us.

Invoice Processing

We use Bill.com to process and pay our invoices.  See this tutorial to set up your Bill.com account.


Send your invoice within 90 days.  Though we make every effort to accommodate, we cannot guarantee payment on invoices later than 90 days after a job is complete.

  • It is good practice to send your invoice within 3 days to ensure you get paid as rapidly as possible.


Invoices should include the following information on them.  See below for an example invoice.

  • Your Name, Address and Contact Information (email and phone.)
  • Your Invoice Number
  • The AVL Event Number (AVL 1900, for example.  This is VERY important for getting paid.)
  • The Event Location
  • Line Items for each Shift and any additional payment owed to you.

Where to Send

Make sure your invoice is in PDF Format and Email your invoice to ap@avlancer.com (Accounts Payable.)

Sample Invoice


Below are a list of contacts with AVLancer that may be able to assist you with further questions.

Email / Phone
General Information info@avlancer.com
(AVLancer Hotline) 1.866.285.2623
Technical Recruiting (Referrals, Onboarding)


Accounts Payable (Invoices, Updated W-9s) ap@avlancer.com
South Central Region SouthCentral@avlancer.com
North East Region NorthEast@avlancer.com
South East Region SouthEast@avlancer.com
North Central Region NorthCentral@avlancer.com
Mountain Region Mountain@avlancer.com
Pacific Region Pacific@avlancer.com

About Us

AV Lancer connects Audio Visual Companies with the best Freelance contractors in the industry . We provide an interface to connect event Producers, Project Managers and Audio Visual Firms with high caliber and dependable freelance professionals.

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